Many people have helped to bring this album to completion and will likely keep helping as it is distributed.  Here are just a few who have been instrumental in bringing this music to your ears. 


Electric and acoustic guitar,

bass, organ, drums,

harmonica, piano, other percussion.

Sound recording engineer.

Song re-arrangement.
One man band.

Steven Collins 

More than anyone else, Steven Collins has been the person who actually made this album possible. Although Capt. Salamander wrote some unusual words, they would have never have been heard by more than a few people and even not appreciated among those few people because the folk tunes could not bridge the gap to become songs that get inside your head. When James Baker began recording with Steven, he had no idea that he had a history of already having been a successful singer-songwriter and band leader. James thought that he was just working with a sound engineer who played an increasingly surprising number of instruments with an unusual skill, always seeming to “get it right” on the first take. “If I had known who I was working with, I would have been too intimidated to share my amateur work,” said Baker. "Steven is so easy to work with, so patient, and now I know, so humble, that he was like my guru. He showed me what these songs could be, even with the limited amount of time that we had to record these songs. If there is anyone who has some demo material that they would like to turn into real songs, I would strongly encourage you to contact Steven at Troubadour Studios. If you have a dream of making real music, he can make your dreams come true.”

Steven Collins has been writing and performing songs for over 20 years. Performing and recording under his band's name "DEADMAN", He has toured all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Europe.
He has enjoyed critical success with DEADMAN , with the LP "Take Up Your Mat and Walk" holding the number one slot two months in a row on The Euro-Americana Chart in 2011. 2012 saw DEADMAN tour constantly in Scandinavia and Germany topping off their touring season with paying official tribute to Levon Helm and The Band in playing a special set of The Band songs with Band original member and musical director: Garth Hudson at Sweden's Peace and Love Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. 

The most recent offering from Deadman, The Sound and the Fury, sees the maturation of Collin's songwriting skills to rival some of his influences such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, but with a touch of hope that comes from his Christian faith. 
Collins' songs have a wide range of sounds and style with some being folky ballads (Oh, Delilah!) and others being stadium rockers (When The Music's Not Forgotten, The Sound and the Fury ). But though the style may vary, the message remains the same in that Collins' songs deal with bigger themes of hope and redemption and the greater human experience.

More info on Steven Collins and DEADMAN may be found

Information on Collins' production and recording facility, The Troubadour Studio, may be found


Album cover art

TopherSipes integrates inner and outer worlds through visual storytelling by focusing on public art direction, 2D+3D graphic art and virtual reality art, all guided by a combination of embodied, analog processes with digital drawing & sculpting tools. He draws upon an interdisciplinary background of ecstatic drawing techniques, illustration, graphic & fabrication design, immersive projection performance, contemporary dance, environmental interpretation, glass bottom boat driving, 14 years of dream journalism, community art organizing, creative production consulting, a history of studying with entertainment designers & animators and a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. Recently, he’s learning lost wax casting into bronze, been traveling regularly with Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment and side hustles as a VRcade operator at Originator Studios in Austin, TX. When he’s not making art, you’ll find him swimming in Central Texas Springs, hiking outdoors, climbing trees, cuddling Leo the cat (aka Master Donuts) or galvanizing 30 day art challenges with other creatives.




Art clothing

using recycled materials

Joan Byrd  works as an artist who takes plastic objects and recycles them into art clothing. Capt. Salamander's jacket was made by Ms. Byrd. 


My greatest hobby is picking up trash. I clean litter up out of the parks and anywhere I travel on a regular basis. I've taken to saving the more interesting items, cleaning them up, and finding new roles for them. They are saved from landfills and are transformed into wearable art. I make belts, clothes and decorate clothing  All are durable and one of a kind. I take commissions, too. Love your planet-


Lyrics, lead vocals,

arrangements, acoustic guitar.

Captain Salamander (AKA James Keith Baker)  has been digging music since he begged his mother to buy a 45 of "I want you back" by Michael Jackson when he was in the third grade. They costs 79 cents back then. She refused but as they were leaving the store his mother told him, "Look!" and pointed to the ground where a dollar bill was lying. Overjoyed at his good luck of "finding" the dollar, he ran to buy the record, which he still has. After graduating from high school he began to appreciate the Beatles' later works in a new way which led him to Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Springsteen, and other great songwriters. When he got married, he  put his guitar on the front curb for the garbage man to pick up. 

       Several decades later while walking the banks of the San Marcos River listening to his favorite artists on his iPod, Capt. Salamander began to wonder if there were songs about the river. He searched and found only one, River of Innocence, filmed in Ron Coley's film by the same name. It was a beautiful ballad that brings tears to your eyes, but wasn't the kind of music that the Capt. usually listens to when he exercised at the Activity Center. While walking the river one day, he got the idea that he could make a few songs since he was good at making up spontaneous jingles about his cats. 

      He found that he could write poems to a melody line with a consistent meter, and tried to find someone to record them but he couldn't get anybody interested. Determined that the songs, which were given to him intact by the Great Spirit/Holy Ghost,  needed to be born in this world, he decided to buy an acoustic guitar and learn to play it, learning well enough to put chords to his melodies and arrange them into songs. 

      For his topics, he decided that he would concentrate on the San Marcos River and Springs and the people who protect the river from being destroyed. Just as William Morris looked no further than his garden and the river near him for artistic inspiration, so Capt. Salamander felt that the local area about him in the Texas Hill Country was worthy of the highest art. 

      Capt. Salamander may be still on the journey to that "highest art" designation, but he is having a blast making the songs and hopes that you will enjoy them, too.